New Forklift Trucks in Newcastle

New Forklift Trucks & Reach Trucks For Sale & Hire

If you are in Newcastle | Sunderland | Gateshead | Durham | Middlesbrough we can offer same day delivery!

New Forklifts Sale & Hire

Buying or renting new forklifts can be daunting, especially if you are new to the industry.  We understand that the changes in our industry are not always common knowledge. 

So with this in mind we always start the buying or hiring journey with a full site survey. 


We will visit your company and view your operation.  After a thorough overview and getting your input we will prepare our quotation, FREE of charge.


If you are happy with our quotation we will then arrange for a FREE ONSITE DEMONSTRATION. 


We believe you would not buy a car without a test drive so why would buy a forklift truck without trying it first?


Once you are happy with the forklift demonstration and we have answered all of your questions we will arrange your purchase options. 


Whether you choose forklift rental or hire we will arrange all of the documentation and walk you through the process STEP By STEP. 


Perhaps you prefer to arrange a long term lease option or hire purchase with 0% FINANCE. 


Well we can help to arrange that for you too simply call us today on 0191 7316029 or visit our contact page an email us your enquiry.


Newcastle Forklift Trucks
Newcastle Forklift Trucks

Electric Counterbalance & Reach Trucks

Fork lift trucks come in different shapes and sizes as well as fuel options too. 


Have you decided to change from the  conventional diesel counterbalance to a more environmentally friendly electric forklift?


Maybe your operation has changed and you need to switch from an electric counterbalance to a reach truck.  We can also advise you on fleet and warehouse VNA projects.

Gas & Diesel Counterbalance Forklifts

These machines are the main stay of most companies, especially in the worlds of heavy industry and outdoor delivery and loading operations.


Lift heights are not as high as a reach truck or a Bendi forklift and the turning circle is larger too.  However that is not what these lift trucks are about.  They are the workhorse of the company and you need reliability every day.


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