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Newcastle forklift market has changed and there are why along with the changing landscape in areas of Newcastle upon Tyne that remain to this day busy industrial locations. While many of the traditional industries of old like ship building and mining have disappeared new industries have come along and replaced them We now have a very busy green technology industry located in Davy Bank area of Wallsend which employs a lot of local people.

Focusing of forklift trucks in Newcastle means we are talking about the supply of new and used equipment including forklift hire and rental along with second hand forklift sale and refurbished fork lift trucks.

Newcastle Forklift Hire

The forklift hire market has always been a very competitive place here in the North East of England. There has always been a strong representation of manufacturers like Toyota, Linde and Hyster along with Jungheinrich and Crown selling their forklifts directly to the end user and dealerships to sell on. Coming to dealerships I should mention that the independent forklift market in Newcastle upon Tyne is filled with many great local businessman selling forklifts. In fact most independent forklift suppliers start their careers in the forklift manufacturing workplace. This can also be said for engineers who work on fork lift trucks, they can often serve their time with a manufacturer and then later on in their careers move to their own business.

This has meant over the years that the forklift hire market has become a very competitive place. Prices can often be as much as 20% lower here for a typical 3.0 tonne diesel forklift or an electric reach truck with a 6 metre mast lifting capacity of 1.8 tonne. There are so many offers for very low weekly hire rates for lift trucks.

Forklift hire north east has almost become a race to the bottom and often it can the supplier who is prepared to take the least amount of money that wins. However these weekly hire rates can be manipulated with high residual values. While this does not matter to the end user it will matter the forklift dealer who has to pay that residual value.

Sales Of Fork Lifts In Newcastle

Unlike the Newcastle forklift hire market the sales arena is not as volatile. Many companies choose to hire a forklift as opposed to raising the capital to fund an expensive materials handling forklift solution. Depending upon the type of new or used forklift a company is looking to purchase will depend upon the price. Usually a counterbalance diesel or LPG forklift truck will normally start around the £12k mark and increases with lifting capacity, mast type, cab and attachments. New forklifts can be financed through the forklift supplier to asking them about purchase options around 0% finance offers is always a good idea.

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