Forklift Truck Hire & Sales in Sunderland

Forklift Hire & Sales in Sunderland

Forklift hire and sales in Sunderland, if you are looking for either of these then you are in the best place.  NORTH EAST FORKLIFT SERVICES have great offers on with exclusive discounts.

Forklift Hire & Sales in Sunderland

We have been supplying forklifts in to the Sunderland area including places like Nissan and the support companies Like Gestamp, Unipres and Autrans which is just off the A1231.  If you are company based in Sunderland, perhaps you are in Hendon, Pallion or Silksworth we can supply you with a forklift hire in 2 hours of getting your enquiry.

Forklift Hire Deliveries in Sunderland

We have 100’s of forklifts available in stock and the mix of lift trucks changes every day.  Perhaps you are looking for a simple hand pallet truck, low level order picker, reach truck or other warehouse forklift types.  Well, we can supply those to you and if you are looking for a counterbalance forklift truck then we have those too.  Would you like a diesel, electric or LPG counterbalance fork lift?

Form one of our other 3 depots in Gateshead, Newcastle and Durham we can deliver forklifts into Sunderland within a couple of hours.  Sunderland is a very popular area for us and we have a lot of forklift engineers who live in and around Sunderland and Seaham.

Forklift Types in Sunderland

Maybe you are unsure of the best type of forklift for your business and would like an experienced person to survey your premises?  Our expert staff are on hand to come you anytime that is convenient for your business operation.  They will carry out a full site survey, measuring your doorways to make sure the forklift fits.  How high do you need to lift too?  We will measure that for you and make sure the forklift can reach the top beam safely.  Maybe you want to work in a very narrow aisle, we can work out the best forklift to fit into the narrowest aisle you have.

Forklift Site Surveys in Sunderland

Do you know what fuel source is best for your application, perhaps you ned to change?  Are you aware of the legal emission levels permitted for a forklift working in an enclosed environment with little or no ventilation?  If not then you may need someone to advise you of the best forklifts on the market for your application.

Are you operating a forklift that is under capacity for your application?  Maybe you have a 3 tonne diesel and you need a 5 tonne diesel or even down sizing to a 2.5 tonne diesel counterbalance. 

New Forklifts Sunderland

We can supply you with a new forklift if that is what you need?  Do you know that often people buy a new forklift and they really do not need too?  Quite often their old one may just need a little money spending on it.  New forklifts can be expensive and you should get expert advice.  Often new forklifts can start around £14k for a counterbalance diesel or LPG.  If you do decide to go for a new forklift then you should certainly ask the companies you are talking too for and on-site demonstration.  This will allow your forklift operators to try the new forklift before you commit to buying it.  After all, if you buy a new forklift and your operators dop not like it they will not look after it.

Forklift Hire Sunderland

Alternatively, you may decide to hire a forklift and we have supplied a lot of companies in Sunderland with forklift hire.  Hiring a forklift allows for a number of advantages.  Monthly, fixed hire charges, if it breaks down then it is the forklift suppliers cost to fix it.  Forklift hire is easy and can save you expensive repair nightmares.  But like everything there is a downside to forklift hire and that is you only have economic use of the machine and will never own it.  Is your company credit worthy?  If it is not then you might not qualify for forklift hire because of your credit rating.

So, if you are not going to hire a new forklift or buy one then perhaps a good used forklift will be more for you.  Used forklifts are a popular choice for a lot of companies in Sunderland.  Costs of used forklifts are a lot lower than a new forklift and you can save a lot of money.  But like all used equipment you have to be careful.  Choosing a good quality used forklift truck is an art form and you need to cover all bases.  If you are buying a used electric forklift, what is the battery condition?  I would suggest a new battery for a used electric forklift because it is the heart of the machine.  It is the fuel source for the machine and needs to be top of your used forklift buying criteria.  Look at the number of hours on the forklift as like with a car the higher the number of hours the clock has the harder the life it has had.  Used forklifts can have mast problems, especially around the tilt cylinders.  Used fork lift hire can be a good way to keep your costs down, especially if you are not working a lot of hours.  Up to 20 hours per week and a good used forklift will be a good option for you.  Buying a used forklift outright will not be a huge strain on your capital expenditure budget but again get a demonstration before you commit.

Our sales and service centres in Gateshead, Newcastle & Durham are in ideal locations to supply Sunderland.  We already have a high number of customers in Sunderland who buy and hire forklifts from us.  We also have a number of forklift service engineers who live in Sunderland or in the local area.  This means that if you forklift breaks down, we can have an engineer with you very quickly.

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