Short Term Forklift Truck Hire Newcastle

Short Term Forklift Truck Hire Newcastle

Short-term forklift truck hire encompasses a lot of areas within the forklift industry. Short-term hire can be hiring a forklift for a day, forklift hire with a driver and it can be any forklift truck hire period up to 12 months. Short-term hire (STR) is a popular and profitable part of any forklift truck manufacturer or supplier’s turnover. Prices are increased because of the short term urgency of the hire and there is often an emergency or Special reason for the hire.

Short-Term Forklift Truck Hire

The clue is in the title and it is short-term and typically does not go on for longer than 12 months. After 12 months it is usually classified as contract hire.

Perhaps you are a national company like an Amazon or Asda and you have occasions where you need nationwide forklift hire. Seasonal trends always play a part in these spike is short term rental. 

Well, if that is the case then a company like North East Forklift Services would be a good fit for you because we are a national company. Short-term forklift hire is not the same as forklift contract hire. A forklift for hire near me search will bring up suppliers like Linde forklift hire who is again a national company like Jungheinrich and Toyota forklift hire. Looking for a forklift truck hire near me search will also bring up local forklift truck suppliers like us.

Short-term forklift truck hire is often referred to as short-term rental and is not to be confused with short-term contract hire. If you are looking for a small forklift hire job of a counterbalance forklift hire for one day to one week that is a true short-term rental. It is also true that counterbalance forklift rental and pallet trucks for hire are the two most common types of forklift equipment to be rented to customers in the North East and Newcastle.

Why You Need Short-Term Forklift Hire?

Why would you need to hire a forklift for a day in Newcastle? Well, the answer could be for many reasons, like seasonal trends. Over the Christmas period pallet, short-term hire of pallet trucks is massive. Lots of warehouses and distribution centres as well as supermarkets need this type of equipment. Forklift hire is big business and companies like Asda, Sainsbury’s and other large companies will book their forklift hire months in advance. So if you know you need forklift hire and you are in Newcastle then book with us.

Forklift hire suppliers will need to make sure they have a lot of electric reach trucks, pedestrian forklifts, and electric counterbalance forklifts available. Often when smaller companies are looking for budget forklift hire or cheap forklift hire especially around busy periods, they struggle to find good forklifts. But be aware of cheap forklift hire in Newcastle as it can often have hidden costs.

Demand for the popular size forklifts means that unless you are looking for 5-tonne forklift hire or a 10-tonne forklift hire you may end up spending a long time searching..

Short Term Forklift Hire Options

Short-term hire gives the maximum amount of options when hiring forklift trucks because there is no fixed term contract. You can keep the short-term forklift hire for as long or as short as you need. The forklift supplier will deliver the forklift to your site and leave it with you. We deliver our forklifts in Newcastle within 2 hours. If you are further afield like Durham, Middlesbrough, Stockton & Darlington it is 3 hours. 

If you are having an increase in business and do not know how long you need the forklift for then this is the option. 

If you have a short-term contract from your customer and you think it will be up to 3 months, great. Keep the forklift truck for the duration of your contract and then return it to us.

If you know that you will need the forklift truck for 12 months it is worth speaking to us about a fixed, discounted hire rate. Local forklift truck suppliers will also be able to give you a good forklift hire price too but make sure the equipment is up to scratch. Cheap forklift hire or budget forklift hire is rarely without complications.

The short-term hire forklift will be at your disposal for as long as you need it but it will be more expensive than a longer-term contract hire.

Short Term Forklift Truck Hire Drawbacks

The only drawback to short-term forklift hire is the cost and if you plan and book your forklift hire in months in advance. Because you do not know how long you want to hire the forklift you will pay a premium price. 

Long-term contract forklift hire for an LPG counterbalance will be around £80 to £100 per week. Short-term forklift hire will be nearer to £130 to £170 per week for the same LPG forklift. If you want forklift hire cost per day then in most cases it will be the same as the cost for a week.

Forklift rental with a driver will cost a lot more. Consider the cost of the delivery; short-term forklift hire and then the forklift operator’s time on top. If you only need the forklift for one day then it could be expensive. However, it is not worth cutting corners as if there is an accident, the cost will be a lot greater. Operating a forklift without a license is against the law and is carries severe penalties. Forklift trucks are not easy to operate if you have not been properly trained. Even if you are looking for a pallet truck to hire (electric) you should have a trained forklift operator.

Short Term Forklift Truck Hire Delivery Costs in Newcastle

Getting an electric forklift hire on-site may cost more than you think because of the transport. 

If you are dealing with Linde forklift hire for example the forklift may come from a depot hundreds of miles away. We are a local forklift supplier in Newcastle with depots in Sunderland and Gateshead, our travel time is less.

A local forklift truck supplier like North East Forklift Services will be able to deliver a forklift on short-term hire to you at a lower cost because we are closer. You need to factor this in especially if you are looking to hire a forklift for a day.

New or Used Short Term Forklift Truck Hire?

Depending on your short-term forklift hire needs will impact your decision. A new or used diesel forklift hire will differ in price because the supplier will value the equipment differently. If you are looking for budget forklift hire or cheap forklift hire then you will be better choosing a used forklift. The cost will be lower and the chances are they will do the same job. However, if you prefer a glossy new forklift truck and do not mind paying the extra hire costs then go that way. Either way, both types of forklift trucks will do a good job for you, if they have been serviced and maintained.

Short Term Hire Forklift Truck Suppliers in Newcastle

Nationwide forklift truck hires companies usually have a selection of short-term forklift hires unless it is near to Easter and Christmas. Many of the manufacturers like Jungheinrich, Toyota, Linde, Mitsubishi, Crown, and Caterpillar are always updating their short-term hire inventory. When the short-term forklift hire fleets become too old, they will sell the used forklift trucks to the trade through their forklift dealer networks. 

This is where your local forklift dealer will buy some of their used forklifts. So, what you find is a local forklift truck supplier in Newcastle will hire you a machine at a lower cost and the forklift has come from a national nationwide forklift supplier. A nationwide forklift truck hire supplier will charge you a premium because they can and will point to their excellent levels of service and support.  

It is worth pointing out that a local forklift truck supplier near you will also be able to give good levels of service and will also be keen to have your business. Because we are in Newcastle, Sunderland, Gateshead and service Middlesbrough, Stockton and Darlington, Durham. We have service engineers around all of the time to respond to and forklift truck breaking down.

Short Term Forklift Hire Breakdown Support

Even the space shuttle breaks down and that is with Space X’s budget. But keep in mind if you are looking for cheap forklift hire you may end up with a forklift truck that is not new and maybe past its best. 

If you need short-term forklift hire it has to be reliable and so does the company you are hiring from. Consider the amount of forklift truck engineers they have on the road and what the forklift supplier’s response time is. It is no good getting a budget forklift hire and when it stops working the forklift supplier cannot fix it for 3 days. If that does happen we will give you another forklift and you will not pay the forklift hire per day costs that it was off the road.

Instead, look for a forklift truck supplier who has a good price and good service with forklift truck engineers available.

Best Short Term Forklift Hire Prices In Newcastle

Forklift hire cost will vary on a few things for example “forklift hire with a driver near me”? or “Forklift hire with driver”? Forklift hire costs can be influenced by local variations. If you want an electric forklift hire northeast it will probably be a different price to forklift hire in the northwest because of market competition in that area.

You will still need to shop around for short-term forklift hire and speak to as many forklift truck suppliers as possible. If you are a national company then have your regional office get 2 or 3 forklift hire prices from local forklift truck suppliers. Perhaps you can set up a national contract and get a favourable nationwide forklift hire price.

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